This may well be the Sharpest tool in the shed |

This may well be the Sharpest tool in the shed

Paul Conrad

People who know me know that I am a tool freak. For example, my foyer closet holds my camping gear and a 5-foot-tall tool chest full of special engine tools, electrical stuff and parts for my Jeep. This is in addition to a four-drawer chest filled with wrenches, sockets, pliers and screwdrivers for what ever need arises. Better safe than sorry.

So when the time came to replace the generic multipurpose knife I had in my camping gear, I went the Leatherman route because of the company’s reputation for building great gear. I perused the Leatherman selection and chose the Wave.The Wave includes 16 different tools: several sharp knives, two files (one diamond coated), pliers, changeable screwdriver tips (small and large), scissors, ruler, bottle and can opener, wire stripper, various pliers and a cool lanyard ring (I don’t know who would want to hang 8.5 ounces of metal around their neck, but to each his own). And every tool is easily accessible. The outside of the pocketknife contains the knives, saw and file; the inside holds the pliers and other tools. It’s like having a miniature tool chest in your pocket – and that can be extremely advantageous. For example, the diamond file came in handy when I had to clean some corroded electrical connectors. Later that day, I did my nails with it. It’s a versatile tool no doubt. Sharp blades make camp cooking a breeze, while the various other tools come in handy when fixing broken camping gear. In fact, I now stow my Leatherman Wave in my Jeep because it’s easier than keeping tools in front.

It’s not light, but it is handy. And that’s the important part.