This issue must not die |

This issue must not die

Joe Myers’ letter published this past weekend shows some thinking that would have been useful and helpful during the EIS period studying the Entrance to Aspen. That is a solution that should certainly be explored.

Since the S-curves proponents have promised to provide a solution to the traffic and transit problems, I hope that Mr. Myers’ thoughts will be given a fair hearing.

Since the vote was anything but a mandate, and since I have trouble believing that CDOT will bifurcate the entrance plan to allow building only the Maroon Creek Bridge, in order to salvage any chance for mass transit the question must not be allowed to die.

I am certain that the Friends of Marolt will represent the election results as evidence that the community has turned against the entry plan and will make a case for setting aside the easement grant across the Marolt. Unless some new voices are raised on this issue, the issue may truly be finished and Aspen will suffer the consequences.

With hope for the future …

Richie Cohen

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