This hateful diatribe is unacceptable |

This hateful diatribe is unacceptable

Dear Editor:

A letter from Agustin Goba, of Snowmass Village, was published in The Aspen Times on Saturday (“Shame on Aspen Times columnist”). That letter was a disgusting personal attack on an Aspen Times columnist, Melanie Sturm. The author took issue with some content in Melanie’s columns.

I know that Melanie would be very interested in hearing Goba’s point of view if offered in a civil manner. But instead of presenting data to challenge Melanie’s facts, he attacked Melanie’s character. Worse, he used language that no civilized person would include in a writing over his signature, whether intended for public distribution or not.

I don’t fault The Aspen Times for printing the letter – free speech and all. And if Goba wants to advertise to the world how thoughtless, insulting and disrespectful he is, he should be allowed to. But Goba should get some help and some better meds if this is what he thinks is proper criticism of someone with whom he disagrees.

And the people of Aspen should speak out against such hateful conduct.

Maurice Emmer


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