This can’t be real |

This can’t be real

Dear Editor:

Seriously? I have been watching the news and all the signage of the present state, Bureau of Land Management and National Forest fire bans. And I’ve been reading stories of the Glenwood youth being charged for starting a fire with sparklers, and the various drought stages the state is in.

My understanding is that all “professional” fireworks displays have been canceled in the Roaring Fork Valley. Then on page A27 of Monday’s Aspen Times is an ad for 2012 Woody Creek Fireworks Show! It even mentions a fireworks show and live DJ. Is this for real?

I know there are some unique individuals dwelling in the Wooded Creek area, but fireworks? Really?

Hopefully this is a mistake and there is not going to be fireworks this year at Woody Creek or anywhere!

The fire ban should be called an “embers” ban. If it burns, glows red hot, or is to hot to touch with the human hand … it should be banned.

Happy Fourth of July to all and please be extra cautious this holiday. To many firefighters are working over-time on existing wild fires. They don’t need anymore caused my humans to go fight.

John Norman


Editor’s note: The so-called Fireworks Show at the Woody Creek Tavern actually is the screening of documentary film that captures pyrotechnics displays in Pitkin County over the last 30 years. The advertisement was created to draw attention, which it clearly has done, but was unmistakably misleading to many of our readers.

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