Thinking outside the cage |

Thinking outside the cage

Dear Editor:I’m delighted to see the Oct. 11 Aspen Times article about the connection between prayer and illness.It’s pretty funny, too, to see how bent out of shape some critics get because we are funding research to “prove” the effects of a phenomenon that stretches beyond science.This is a clear example of the current flaws in our health-care system. It also represents the importance of “thinking outside the box.” It might be more accurate to say “thinking outside the cage” in this case.Scientists are using a methodology that does not apply to this practice. When they are not able to “prove conclusive evidence” by these means, they get frustrated.Between 62 percent and 68 percent of Americans today are using some form of complementary and alternative medicine, according to various surveys. My question is: When will health-care researchers realize that effective methods of treatment and healing exist, albeit not neatly fitting into their paradigms?In the meantime, a growing majority of us are content with effective therapies that don’t reflect ineffective research.Nina SchnipperGlenwood Spring

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