Think outside the bag |

Think outside the bag

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Torre for raising awareness of the plastic grocery shopping bag issue within our community. Our community should always be striving to be as environmentally responsible as possible. However, a tax or fee is unlikely to decrease anyone’s plastic bag usage – which should be our goal.

One proposal that I would like to see discussed is creating a public-private partnership to help the lodges, condominiums, property management companies, and hotels provide reusable bags for their guests. ACRA, the city, and the Aspen lodging community could come together to brainstorm a way to enable our community to implement this program in a cost-effective manner. The bags can be purchased for about a dollar. This cost could be offset by a combination of the city’s support, third-party advertising or bag sponsorship, and incorporating each property’s marketing budget.

Finally, we need to work together to increase the use of reusable bags by locals, as this is not just a tourist issue. Heightening the community’s awareness of this issue will help grow our current efforts. When I am in the grocery stores I notice a great number of locals using reusable bags, but not everyone. We are doing a good job, but we can do better.

Adam Frisch



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