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Think north

The snow throughout the resort continues to hold up well, but a few rocks are starting to pop through the snow.

On Aspen Mountain, for instance, the top portion of the Ridge of Bell and Gentleman’s Ridge are both looking sketchy, which is a problem because they both sport the kind of rockage that eats skis.

North-facing slopes, however, continue to have extremely soft snow, few rocks and even some leftover powder shots from the storm at the beginning of the week.

On the Hill is under strict orders from a persistently discontented snowboarder not to reveal where those shots are, however. So you’re on your own, except for this, “Think north, ski north.”

The difference between 9 a.m. on Aspen Mountain and 2 p.m. is profound.

It’s empty at 9 a.m., except on powder days, of course. It’s moderately crowded at 2 p.m., except on powder days, of course. But the fact that Aspen Mountain is moderately crowded on any midweek day is a reminder that Christmas is here.

How do you know it’s Christmas on Ajax?

Hordes of little rippers, a dozen or more in a class, can be seen on International or Ruthie’s or North Star.

How do you know it’s Christmas on Ajax?

People are still sitting on the deck at Bonnie’s Restaurant at 2:30 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon.

How do you know it’s Christmas on Ajax?

There’s a line at the F.I.S. chair.

Speaking of the F.I.S. chair, a generous donor, the director of the Aspen Apres Ski School, donated a brand-new, 20-watt-per-channel CD player to the crew at the loading terminal. Yesterday, On the Hill reported that of all the lifties on Ajax, the F.I.S. guys were the most musically challenged because their boom box didn’t have any boom left. Problem solved.

Snowmass has 2,643 acres open for skiing, out a total of 3,010. Aspen Mountain has 667 of 673 acres open. Buttermilk has 425 of 427 acres open. And Aspen Highlands has 761 of its 791 acres of inbound terrain open for all to enjoy.

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