Think globally, buy locally

Dear Editor:

I am very appalled to see government agents like the city of Denver, Eagle County and now our Aspen police department buying Japanese hybrid cars for going green. American auto companies, such as Ford and GM, make hybrids too. (Kudos to the U.S. Forest Service for using Ford hybrids!) If we Americans (especially American governments) do not buy American cars, who is going to? We are all connected to this country’s economy and prosperity.

When American companies lay off our fellow Americans and our neighbors, causing the unemployment rate to rise, these people do not have the ability to purchase other American goods and services. These domino effects are felt all the way down to our local businesses and stores and result in even more layoffs of our American workforce. This affects all of us living in this great country.

Even though some Japanese auto companies have plants in America and hire Americans to make their cars, the bottom-line of big profits still goes to the mother land of Japan. It is very sad to see our forefathers’ innovations like automobiles, cameras, radios, TV and many other items being utilized by foreign countries to make big profits from Americans.

Even if you do not feel patriotic to your country or sorry for your fellow Americans and still buy foreign goods, have you looked at your 401(k) retirement accounts lately? This dismal American economy brought on by high unemployment rates, home foreclosures, etc. has caused the stock market to nose dive along with the values of your retirement accounts.

Again, we are all connected, and Americans should support Americans and buy American! I do not think American government agencies should spend our tax dollars buying Japanese and Chinese goods and funnel big profits to foreign countries. It is bad enough that private corporations set up plants in foreign countries and outsource many, many jobs. It is worse yet to see what we get from foreign made products with no regulations to control quality resulting in tainted human foods, poisoned pet foods, lead-laden toys and even virus-infested computer components, digital picture frames and other electronics capable of stealing your password and more.

In most recent news, the U.S. Department of Defense is buying fighter jets from French Airbus instead of good old American Boeing. (Call your congressman to complain about this!) Are we selling off our country piece by piece and jeopardizing our economy and security? Wake up Americans! Buy American to keep this country secure and strong, because this is our homeland and we are all connected!

Charlie Jacobson