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Think for yourself

Dear Editor:Enough already about allowing private Social Security accounts. I know a few young people have been writing letters trying to convince us readers that it is a great thing. Such dutiful young Bush supporters.When you youngsters do start thinking for yourself, instead of blindly following the instructions of your party leaders, you will realize that we Americans already have access to many private accounts. For example, we can set up a 401(k) through our employers and open simple IRA accounts. The former is usually matched up to a certain amount and the latter earns good interest. This money is not taxed unless you withdraw it early. Ask your banker or credit union officer; they’ll set one up for you.If you’re smart, you’ll do it young, and you won’t have to worry about Social Security not being there for you. There’s been a lot of good articles written about investing in retirement options. If you want to support the government, buy Treasury bonds. They are also a great investment for your future. So get out there, ask questions, read everything you can find on the subject and stop spouting the party line!Gay MooreGlenwood Springs


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