Think carefully about Palin |

Think carefully about Palin

Dear Editor:

I listened to Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech and was very impressed by her presence and delivery and my first thought was “there goes the Democrats.”

However, upon waking up in the morning and reflecting on the whole true picture of her family and their personal issues … is this what she or you really want for the average or any American family?

Her 17-year-old beautiful daughter is five months pregnant (probably became pregnant at 16). She has not yet married this handsome young man. Why is that ” still not sure if he is the “right one”? However, I have heard he does not want to marry or have children.

Her extremely handsome 19-year-old son is going off to Iraq. Why is that? Is there no employment for him in this hard-hit Republican economy? Can they not afford college due to the expense of their Down-syndrome child? And, he is going off to fight a war against a nation that never invaded us and that we have no right being in war with. Please remember Iraq never invaded us at 9/11 ” al-Qaida did ” totally different entity.

And then, due to her stance on women’s right to abortion and good Christian beliefs, she has an infant Down-Syndrome child. Obviously, she became pregnant at 42-43 years of age because she does not believe in birth control. This is a huge emotional and economic strain on any family.

So everyone, is this what you wish for the American family ” a retarded child, a pregnant unmarried teen and a son sent off to maybe die in a war we should not be in? Sounds like a great family life to me and I come from six children. I would not wish this on them or theirs or anyone.

I would think about this very carefully. This is our future ” yours and your children’s and grandchildren. And, I have not even started on the environment yet.

Think, think, think!

Patty Simpson


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