Think about the consequences |

Think about the consequences

Recently there have been editorial comments by Scott McInnis, Cal Thomas and others likening a “diplomatic” course of action with Iraq to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler. Scott, Cal and others who use this historical analogy conveniently ignore the reason why Hitler happened in the first place.

Following WW 1, France and Britain decided to extract extreme reparations from Germany in terms of territorial concessions, financial remunerations and dramatic industrial change. This caused The German economy to implode and The major social unrest that followed set the stage for Hitler. Imagine how different the 20th century would have been if France and Britain had listened to Woodrow Wilson and nor taken the hard line. Consider The effects of the Marshall Plan on post War Europe and how it gave Germany a new lease on life.

The United States is now about to embark on a military campaign that potentially will have as far reaching consequences as the WW 1 truce. I don’t hear anyone saying that Sadam is a nice guy but the greater concern should be what happens after he is gone. The Bush Administration doesn’t offer any clear plan for this. You may recall that at the out set of the Afghanistan invasion, Bush said that we were not in the business of “nation building” and that we would go in and clean up the Taliban and get out. That has not happened. The situation in Iraq is far more complex given the combination of two different religious factions (Shiites and Sunnis) and The Kurds not to mention ALL THAT OIL.

Chances are that we will be signing on to a long term commitment that will have long reaching effects just as the WW 1 truce did. Let’s think hard before we leap …

Wick Moses


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