Things to be positive about |

Things to be positive about

Dear Editor:

We all had leap year this week. What is it, once in every four years there is an extra day in February? The week before, we had a total lunar eclipse. I am still baffled by the significance, but I am convinced there must be a real reason, determined by the heavens. And, it makes me compelled to think about the profound possibilities in a better light.

We’ve got a lot going on ” war, politics, elections and almost 30 feet of snow. So, when do we come to terms with ourselves? I mean, when do we come up with solutions before we are out of time? Not to be fatalistic or anything, but I like things the way they are, especially since we don’t seem to possess enough sense to see the end result of many of our actions! I break into either a small panic or a knowing resolve at how we are, slowing but surely, affecting ourselves in irreversible ways, everyday.

It’s all the things you are thinking about, little things. But, they add up, physically and emotionally, and the weight of it all holds a lot of gravity. I like to believe my new motto my 11-year-old son taught me, “it’s all go-ood!” And, he says it like he’s kidding, but I think he’s for real. Have we lost sight our perceptions? It seems trivial, but I think there may be something to it and how we see ourselves right now.

What do we really get excited about lately on a personal level? What means anything and at what point should we actually get excited about things? There must be an age cutoff, like 40. But, it seems like it should be now, because there are many causes we could care about right now that would actually mean a great deal to our valley and to our existence in general. Look at the Rocky Mountain Institute and the new holistic Wellness Institute, and all the other respectable environmental and health groups, forging the way in survival right here under our noses, along with the coverage on mineral rights, drilling, and gas leaks in drinking water poisoning people on the fringe and other human-made disasters, unaffordable living in positively one of the best places to live (or why would we be here?), traffic issues officially annoying and remarkable, all with an incredible lifestyle as the ultimate benefit.

Please think about it and thanks for doing something, like publishing occurrences and opinions. I think we need to own the issues, not each other. Maybe it will “all be good” in no time. If you don’t believe in anything, like survival or lifestyle, then, really, what is the point? Hey, but spring is coming, and anything is possible. I’m sure it will look a lot better after the recent leap year.

Molly Brooks