They’re watching us |

They’re watching us

Dear Editor:

Wow, that didn’t take long. Washington lobbyists found Aspen’s proposed plastic bag ban (“I toldja so,” Feb. 2, Aspen Daily News). On. Feb. 7, The Aspen Times published a letter from an aggressive anti-ban lobby group, “The Center For Consumer Freedom,” Washington, D.C.

In its former incarnation as the “Guest Choice Group,” this team (run by famous hit-man lobbyist Rick Berman) fronted Phillip Morris in order to “create an aggressive mentality by (restaurant) operators (to oppose) government smoking bans.” The quote is from a memo to Phillip Morris’ senior program manager for public affairs. This firm’s job is to script the verbiage of opposition according to the wishes of the client: big tobacco, big plastic, whatever.

In other words, even the suggestion of a plastic bag in Aspen is enough to set loose industry’s nastiest attack dogs. Excellent, Smithers.

As this bag fee goes forward, expect more debunkable propaganda from shadowy interested parties. BTW, in California, plastic advocacy groups made large contributions to city councilmen’s campaigns. When the big money starts to weigh in, stay sharp. Those boys are slick.

Dan Sadowsky


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