They’re taking our jobs |

They’re taking our jobs

Dear Editor:

Of all the opinions on why Americans voted as they did, one is unquestioned. It’s the economy. It’s the jobs, or their lack. Tens of millions of U.S. citizens are unemployed, and we haven’t a clue on how to fix it.

The facts are between 10 million and 20 million foreign nationals reside in our country illegally. All hold jobs or suck at the American welfare teat, or both.

Let’s recap: Millions of citizens are jobless and millions of jobs are held by people who aren’t supposed to be here. Hmmmm … why is there such a disconnect between these two problems?

There are not jobs Americans won’t do. We just want a living wage. The American worker should not have to compete with illegal scab labor.

“But we can’t deport 12 million people!” shout the Blanket Amnesty Crowd. We don’t have to. By tweaking a few laws we can deny welfare and jobs to illegals. They’ll leave on their own.

This is not a racial issue. We allow more than a million legal immigrants to become citizens every year.

It’s about national sovereignty and security and preserving our quality of life. Illegal immigration is a cancer in America.

Bruno Kirchenwitz