They’re all corrupt |

They’re all corrupt

Dear Editor:

War, baby, war. Our corrupt Congress couldn’t approve more funding for the War Machine fast enough, with the exposing the chaos and disaster of neo-con war policy in Afghanistan. At least the soulless vampires of the Military Industrial Complex are “making out.”

And Obomer’s Minister of Propaganda, Robert Gibbs, can stand before the White House “press corp” – and repeat the Big Lie: “The attacks of 9-11 came from Afghanistan.” Oh, really?

How again did WTC 7, on 9-11-01, at 5:20 p.m., freefall into its own footprint? And how do you explain the building’s owner, Mr. Silverstein, saying: “we had to pull it?”

9-11 Truth stops the Wars. Not Mr. Fake Change.


Ben Newell


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