They work for us |

They work for us

Dear Editor:As the administration and the media become increasingly “on message,” meaning that only an official view is tolerated and disseminated, the information reaching us warps to only show us their message. It becomes incapable of allowing us to see negative effects of our actions because that would detract from the message. Like a madman unaware of the damage he’s doing, we become blindly detrimental to others and ourselves.When a person acts, based on little or wrong information, their actions become incongruous and appear inappropriate to those around them. We think of them as crazy. If they hurt somebody in the process, society confines them pretty quickly. A sane society like a sane person demands good information, accurate feedback and a clear view of the effects of its actions.This is a good time to join together with your Republican and Democratic friends and get to know our new representatives in Washington. Petition your representatives to stand firm for the dissemination of diverse and unfettered information and science. Ask for an accounting of all the citizen deaths that our wars are responsible for.Ask that depleted uranium munitions be outlawed. Petition them for strong environmental laws. Ask for verified, trustworthy elections. Insist we maintain Social Security as it is and initiate a Social Security tax for annual incomes over $84,000. Finally, ask that we stand with the rest of the world to resolve global warming. Don’t be shy.Contact your senators and representative through the main switchboard of the federal House and Senate at (202) 224-3121.John HoffmannCarbondale


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