They lost Series, but Rockies deserve a parade |

They lost Series, but Rockies deserve a parade

This is being written while the 2007 World Series is still being played out and at this point the Colorado Rockies have lost three straight to the Boston Red Sox. By the time this is published, we will already know who the 2007 World Champion is.I feel somewhat compelled to write this because on Saturday (Oct. 27), Rick Rock, a bartender at the Woody Creek Tavern and an old friend, stopped by my cabin and we quite naturally began discussing the Rockies. Our Rockies had already lost their first two games to the Sox in Boston and things were looking a tad dim.But Rick was not about to moan and groan about those opening losses – quite the contrary. He felt as if the Rockies were already winners because in August no one would have given them a ghost of a chance to make it to the World Series. No, that’s not quite correct. My neighbor Jimmy Ibbotson was one of the few people who was absolutely certain the Rockies would win out. They did, after all, go on a phenomenal streak, winning 21 of their final 22 games, to make it to the Series. The only problem with that winning streak was the fact that they won the National League Championship is such short order that they had to sit on their hands for eight days, waiting for the Sox to win the American League title.I had to agree with Rick that by becoming the first World Series participant in Colorado’s brief major league history, we had climbed the mountain already and had every right to celebrate even if we lost the Series. But after Rick left my cabin, I had the strange feeling that our joy at being in the Series may have been a subconscious attempt to somehow rationalize away the impending doom that comes with defeat. If we lose to Boston, so be it! Regardless of the final outcome, Denver should hold a parade for the Rockies. As a team, they deserve our recognition and support. OK, maybe the tequila is doing my thinking, and I so want them to do well that I’ll believe anything I tell myself.Each spring (or fall, if you are speaking of winter sports) the fans begin speaking about the “potential” of their favorite teams. Potential simply describes the “possible” as opposed to the “actual.” So if you look at it that way, everything and everyone and every team has potential. And the Rockies, by getting into the World Series, have proven that they really do have the potential to win and to win big. So I am already looking forward to next spring, if only management can hold them together. Maybe Rick and I were in denial when discussing the Colorado Rockies on Oct. 27, but I do believe we were awarded the right to celebrate just because they did the “impossible.” I am well aware of the cliché that “winning is everything,” but winning comes in many forms and at many levels. You can become a winner just by participating and not necessarily because you won the gold. And as we all know, a good many “winners” turned out to be tragic losers. No matter the outcome of the Series, I must look at the Rockies as being authentic winners.And some of the ladies who work at the Woody Creek Tavern also now qualify as winners.I have been told that the Tavern decided to do one of those popular calendars featuring scantily dressed ladies who are members of the staff. Just being willing to participate in such an adventure pretty much makes those charming ladies winners.Another neighbor, George Stranahan, an accomplished photographer (among all his other accomplishments) did the photo shoot in the Tavern, so we can assume the final calendar will be a professional product. I didn’t make the shoot but was told by someone who was there that it was a very “stimulating” adventure. I’ll bet it was!And the ladies have elevated their project to another winning level: They plan to donate proceeds from the sale of the calendar to the Aspen Animal Shelter, a program that can always use our support. As this was something of a last-minute project, there isn’t much in the way of details to pass along. It can be assumed the calendar will be for sale before Christmas, and it was estimated that it would sell for something like $29.95. In this valley, that can be considered a bargain. I’m not altogether certain if this will be something you would want to offer up as a stocking stuffer for your mother or grandmother, but I’m guessing your father or grandfather would be interested, especially if it is as provocative as the photo shoot was described to me.This is the 356th article in a two-part series devoted to the community of Woody Creek, a place where winners are not always evaluated based only on their win-loss statistics.

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