They just don’t get it |

They just don’t get it

Disinformation seems to be the main tactic of Citizens for One Library in opposing the November Basalt Regional Library initiative.

A previous letter writer has already pointed out the many errors in Jim Paussa’s letter. Larry Yaw mentions an “(almost completed) master plan.” I assume he means the river master plan for the Roaring Fork River corridor, which has yet to be considered by the Town Council.

Once the council adopts the river master plan (assuming they like it), they will have to modify the Regional Master Plan. Anyone familiar with the rate at which the council works knows that we’re not talking months here. Development of the river corridor will take many years.

The Citizens for One Library says that by voting no on 4B and 4C we will gain two years to plan for one library. Give me a break!

It will be at least five years before any site in East Basalt becomes available for a library. And it will be really expensive. If you don’t like the current tax proposal, you’re really not going to like the one that will be proposed then.

Charlie Cole says that the library should sell its current facility for $400,000. What a great idea! Trouble is, the current lease forbids commercial use of the building. What public entity would want it?

The Town of Basalt was approached with this same idea and said it did not want to pay anything for it. So what public entity is there that would be interested in buying it?

Larry Yaw talks about the “Basalt Library,” but it is the Basalt Regional Library, a district that includes Blue Lake, Sopris Village, Missouri Heights, etc. Nine of the 11 committee members of the Citizens for One Library live or work in East Basalt.

They seem to have the elitist attitude that the citizens in the western part of the library district don’t matter. These committee members are not going “to get it right.” They don’t even “get it.”

Gerry Terwilliger


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