They don’t need live horses |

They don’t need live horses

Too bad, the “smell from horses affecting sales” article didn’t run on April 1. It would have been ironically fitting.

As it is, Aspen Equestrian Estates (in Carbondale!) finds that pooping and peeing horses actually cause offending odors – brilliant. Apparently no one gave this naturally occurring phenomenon any thought when shelling out $2.6 million three years ago to buy the place in order to engage in rampant development.

It appears there might be a solution: Why not commission a local artist to produce a herd of life-sized replicas of the live horses which will no longer be welcome at the Estates? Last I heard, they don’t poop or pee.

This same idea has been successfully implemented by the castle owners who parade statues of bears and elk on their lawn after having successfully invaded those animals’ land and driven them away.

Ya gotta love this valley for its entertainment value!

Carmen Riley


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