These are my rights |

These are my rights

Paul Andersen’s column of Jan. 27 states that the Bill Of Rights should be trashed and the rights of individuals are not relevant and should be tossed asunder whenever they conflict with the desires of the greater good. Every tyrant that ever ruled with his boot on the throat of the people, and every blood-thirsty dictator that has lived, would hold Paul to his bosom and embrace him for uttering those words. Those words could only be uttered by a hater of human life and liberty. Progressives like Paul never understand that it’s only because of the Bill Of Rights that their words of banality are ever printed.Paul, please understand that the Bill Of Rights placed constraints on the government, not on the people. The writers of the Constitution understood the concept of natural or inalienable rights, which people of today’s America fail to understand. I guess they spend too much time in the public government behavior modification institutes, commonly known as schools.Paul attacks the Second Amendment; you know, the one that allows you and me to possess a gun. Weapon ownership is a natural right, which if properly understood would be expressed as: “I claim the right to defend the life and property of my loved ones and myself from any entity that uses force to take it from me. I will not initiate the use of force against any entity, but if any entity does initiate force against my loved ones, my property or myself, then let it be understood that whatever force is necessary, it will be used to utterly destroy that entity. I claim this right as a human being that loves his life and his rights!”James A. GleasonSnowmass Village

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