There’s some tea we won’t drink |

There’s some tea we won’t drink

Dear Editor:

Quaint Aspen may be of the past; however, I think the miners who risked their lives would probably take umbrage at being called quaint. On the other hand quaint is alive and well in Basalt so long as Richard Carter lives there with his veddy English Jack Russell terrier.

Back in the dark ages of the ’70s there was much palaver among local artists about what might happen with the power station, which stood where it stands today and what the city might do with the electric generators that inhabited that building no longer used and which Nick DeWolf thought one or two might be saved for the sake of history since Aspen was indeed the first to light up in the West. Now that power station belonged to the city, which decided it was to be used for art along with its beautiful grounds.

Indeed, local artists wrangled happily over who and what might be in it, and decided that a visual arts center for the valley is what it would be, not at all a museum with collections of painting and sculptures by dead artists have no connection with this valley.

Now, Mr. Carter, in his opinion of Saturday, Oct. 2, complains that those of us who are not eager for a new art museum are members of a so-called tea party and I want to assure him that I am not a member of any party, tea, cocoa or otherwise; nor do I consider Aspen a bastion of culture any more than other small liberal university towns, though none has a computer-controlled fountain to equal ours.

His scolding doesn’t sit will because every city and town has changed over the years and not necessarily from quaint to modern and people have moved around so there are new artists here that Mr. Carter does not know and some families whose children who have grown into artistic adulthood while he has been living in Los Angeles.

Opposition to a new art museum or art center is not a desire to revert to the past, but rather the need to explore other options of placement like the Given, situated in such a beautiful spot with much to recommend it.

Maggie DeWolf


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