There’s no Nazi lite |

There’s no Nazi lite

Aspen Times writer

Do I have this right? Bariloche Jews occasionally chitchat and sip yerba mate; with Hitler’s higher-ups. What a surreal mindset. A happy ski town high in the Argentinean Alps where everyone gets along – with Nazis. Like a scene from a Hardy Boys movie, but the beloved elderly soda jerk ran a death camp: “Two lime phosphates and a tin roof sundae, or Goering, please.”

Excuse me for not understanding why, 60 years later, or even 160 years later, this scenario wouldn’t weird you out. I understand at least some of the appeal of our Sister Cities program. The junkets, the international outreach for school kids, hands across the ocean and all. But one’s fandom for this program would have to verge on rabid to candy coat the Nazi factor.

Am I wrong or did Aspen city officials pooh-pooh the Jewish community’s alarm? Wow. Not very sensitive. On the other hand, it’s rumored Aspen may have hosted a few characters of dubious wartime whereabouts. So it’s a bit of the old moral dilemma, where we decide to take this thing. I hope I speak for Aspen as well as Aspen’s Jews when I ask city officials not to presume to dictate our nonissues. For Jews, anyway, there’s no Nazi lite.

Dan Sadowsky/Aspen