There’s a place for trash |

There’s a place for trash

Dear Editor:

Here’s to the 25 volunteers who helped clean up trash on beautiful Prince Creek, also known as the Dinkle Lake, Road near Carbondale. This occurred Saturday, May 15, and once again it was successfully able to produce three truckloads. Even more thanks go to the people who showed up, but don’t reside on this road and use it for mountain biking and hiking. We all know how pretty it is!

Why do people think they can throw out beer bottles, little shot bottles, tires, washing machines and mattress? This the lazy way of taking care of your own business.

On a recent trip trough Texas, I noticed very little roadside trash. Maybe the sign that said “Don’t Mess With Texas, 2,000 dollar fine” is effective. No matter what, please unload your trash the proper way. Thanks.

Huey Hurst