There’s a difference |

There’s a difference

Dear Editor:Roger Marolt described our organization, the American Resistance Foundation, as “anti-immigration” (Aspen Times, March 3). We are not. We clearly state that we are against the offense of illegal immigration. Note to Marolt: Please note for future columns that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not an anti-automobile organization.I fully support Marolt’s right to put a price on the rule of law on which our nation was founded. That apparently being low prices and a continued supply of black market labor. I am, however, constantly amazed that writers who defend illegal immigration refuse to acknowledge the inherent difference between being firmly against that organized crime and the rich tradition of legal immigration that we as a nation have in place.Immigrants by federal definition enter the U.S. lawfully. My adopted sister is an immigrant from Korea. Marolt needs to ask some real immigrants who follow the rules on immigration what they think of his use of the word.Let’s all try to grasp the difference between a paid admission to Disneyland and someone who jumps over the fence behind Space Mountain and demands to take a ride. Nobody blames one for wanting to try – but no one wants to be the poor sucker who pays and watches as others do not.There is no universal civil right to live in the United States. We take in more real, legal immigrants than any nation on the planet. Wages are going down because of illegal immigration, and people like Marolt seem to be saying that we need to continue to ignore the effort of legal immigrants and welcome the illegals because it is, for him, cost-effective.Who is “anti-immigration” here?D.A. KingMarietta, Ga.

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