There must be a better way |

There must be a better way

Dear Editor:

Would anyone not agree that our political system doesn’t work? Republicans and Democrats attacking each other every day and nothing getting done in the meantime.

Washington is filled with self-promoting thieves, tax cheats and just plain scum.

With the system we have now, it’s just a rotation of a complete mess. These politicians have put America in a steep decline. We are losing our country through debt, poor management and insane wars. There has to be a better path for America.

This is my idea. I hope you have a better one. First, have the counties of each state elect their county representative to serve four-year terms. These county representatives would vote for four people to represent their state. Those four people times 50 states would give us 200 people from across our country. Those 200 could select one of their four. That would give 50. Those 50 would elect our president every four years.

Wouldn’t these 50 people be able to evaluate and nominate the best person to be our president rather than the time and money wasted with our present system?

The average state has 62 counties. Some states, such as Louisiana, call their counties parishes, and Alaska calls theirs boroughs, but they are county equivalents. Whether the states have three counties or 254, like Texas, it wouldn’t matter, because still the state would be voting for their state representatives. This would eliminate all the hate and costs of these political campaigns. It would be a more united way to select our president.

America is dying at a faster pace every day. I hope and pray that we can correct this present system that has so divided us. We have not been so divided as a people since we were fighting the British in the Revolutionary War . It’s the old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Thomas Daly


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