There is no diplomatic solution |

There is no diplomatic solution

Dear Editor:Sue Gray continues to turn the other cheek advocating withdrawal from Iraq, you need to understand … they haven’t changed their minds, and should we “surrender” in Iraq, we will have to leave the Middle East. Staying in Kuwait or any other of the Gulf states will not render our troops safe. And nothing that belongs to America left in that area will be safe, because Abdul and his “Smithereen Commandos” know how to beat us – just keep those foot soldiers coming.And there will be few places safe from their terror, because no country will fear the US and their military. Simply because 60 percent of Americans either are too stupid to defend themselves or don’t have the will to see the end, whenever that might be.People fail to understand, there is no “limited” war. There are no innocent people in a war … and again, just who are you going to “parley” with over there to find your “diplomatic solution”? It would be incredibly helpful if we called this what it is: A religious war with Islam, the “Religion of Peace.”You see, Sue has no answers, just criticisms of what is there now. And quite like all the other whiners, she is intent upon blaming those who got us here, but again, no solutions. Remember, when you elect Hillary or Obama, they cannot change the situation that exists there. They will inherit it. … So will you.Mike MasonCedaredge

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