There is a free lunch |

There is a free lunch

Dear Editor:In a recent issue of The Aspen Times, KNCB Moore wrote, “Free lunch is the deity in the religion called socialism.” He also wrote, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” For me, just having been born is a “free lunch.” The gift of life is the basic free lunch. My skin color, the economic status of my parents, the DNA they gave me, the country I was born into; all are free lunches – free gifts. We “silver spoon” babies should accept our good fortune and realize that there are many, many less fortunate folks who were born with a plastic spoon, or none at all – a much smaller free lunch.The social programs we Americans have adopted are designed to recognize disparities in natural health, physical ability, intelligence, energy, age, wealth and luck among our citizens, and through national insurance plans such as Social Security lessen the burden of poverty, illness, unemployment, disablement and so on, and assure some income for their retirement.Mr. Moore said also, ” … using government power to establish socialist programs that go wrong become problems that are impossible to correct.” and “Financial problems with Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security aren’t mistakes, they are just perpetual fixer-uppers.” Yes, any man-devised plan needs fixing-up over time. Things change; people live longer, populations change, cultures change. That doesn’t mean that programs that have been successful for 40 or 50 years are “impossible to correct” or need to be abandoned. Surely a nation as wealthy and prosperous as the U.S. can afford a safety net of social programs for the needy.Peter LarroweCarbondale

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