The X Games cometh |

The X Games cometh

Brent Gardner-Smith
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The big, white, double-size X Games banner was strung up over Main Street yesterday. Yes, Aspen “proudly” welcomes the X Games.

The banner is yet another sign that the ESPN Winter X Games are starting on Thursday and running through Sunday at Buttermilk.

Is that cool or what?

Hundreds of people have been working hard prepping the mountain and the courses and while much of the hard work is ultimately for the television cameras, if you want to assume that it’s all for your personal amusement, feel free to do so.

After all, there has also been a lot of work to make sure that people who go to the event can take in all the action right from the base area. And action there will be.

There will be practice of a few events on Wednesday, including the snowmobile snocross event, which is a motorcross race with snowmobiles. This event is hugely entertaining, so check it out on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Then on Thursday, the multiring circus kicks into high gear with events going off all day. The TV coverage also starts on Thursday on ESPN2 at 7:00 p.m.

Last year’s X Games was graced with a fresh coating of snow on Saturday. And who knows, maybe they’ll bring snow this year.

Today’s weather might be a start. It is supposed to be windy and cloudy with snow likely in the morning. It could bring 1 to 3 inches of the much-needed and much-loved white stuff.

It may be snowy, but it should still be balmy, with temps in the lower 30s to lower 40s.

Tuesday night could deliver a bit more snow, but don’t bet what’s left of the farm on it. And there is a slight chance of snow for Wednesday and Wednesday night.

Heard reports on Monday of lots of deck surfing going on across the four mountains, with people out sunning themselves and taking in the sun and warm temps. While we haven’t had much snow lately, the snowpack is holding up fairly well. And the good news is the conditions in Aspen/Snowmass are about as good as anywhere else in the West.

So quit your musing and go do some riding.

And this just in from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Snow is really very special,” said Robert Sekerka, University Professor of physics and mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. “The world would be a very different place if, whenever ice precipitated out of the atmosphere, it took the form of some kind of pellet other than snow.”

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