The worst of waste |

The worst of waste

Dear Editor:According to National Geographic Magazine, July 2002, “Nuclear waste seeking solutions” for the U.S.A.:1. High-level waste – spent fuel from nuclear reactors: 52,000 tons; plutonium production: 91 million gallons.2. Transuranic waste – contaminated clothing, tools, etc.: 11.3 million cubic feet buried at government sights.3. Low and mixed low-level – includes radioactive and hazardous waste from hospitals and research institutions and decommissioned power plants: 472 million cubic feet.4. Uranium mill tailings – residues from the extraction of Uranium ore: 265 million ions.5. Some nuclear waste containers can last 10,000 years if undisturbed; however, nuclear waste will be active and deadly for 48,000 years. We have no solutions!6. Except for hospitals or peaceful research, the production of nuclear waste must be stopped everywhere! Please petition the U.N.Eloise IlgenCarbondale

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