The whole thing stinks |

The whole thing stinks

Dear Editor:

At Monday’s Aspen City Council meeting, our mayor mounted his high moral horse again, declaring how shameful it is that individuals are allowed to contribute $19.99 to a political candidate’s campaign without having to be identified.

Before getting to the main point of this letter, it is noted that the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (the one including Colorado) has held that requiring disclosure of the identity of small campaign contributors can violate the First Amendment because it can intimidate contributors. Certainly our honorable mayor never would think of trying to intimidate anyone in any way. Nor would an honorable lawyer like City Attorney Jim True.

But who the heck is this mayor to be lecturing anyone on proper and moral campaign conduct? He appropriated the time and prestige of the city attorney to support his potential City Council campaign by getting him to write a one-sided, biased memorandum claiming that there’s no way the mayor would violate state term-limits law if he continued to serve on the City Council after six consecutive years doing so as mayor. This was a transparent act of the use of city resources for personal political gain, and yet the mayor has the gall to pontificate about what constitutes proper political conduct by others.

We now have three other sitting council members declaring that they will run for mayor. Each has his ambiguous campaign platform, cute campaign photo and campaign plan. But not a single one of them has the courage to call out the mayor for his improper use of the City Attorney’s Office to support his potential political campaign.

So what can we expect if one of them is elected mayor?

Maurice Emmer


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