The wart headwall |

The wart headwall

Allyn Harvey

This, the final episode of “The Longest Run,” begins at the top of Snowmass Ski Area’s Cirque Lift.

Our hero, Roger, is back on his trusty snowboard, Silver, for what will no doubt be the longest of the longest runs he’s taken since our series began.

Roger’s day actually began at the bottom of Fanny Hill, where Snowmass’ hard-working general manager, formerly known as Wart Head, was filling in for a sick lift op.

It took four lifts and 22 minutes to reach the top of the mountain, but once there, Roger grew excited for the five miles of skiing that would take him into four different sections of Snowmass, a massive area with more than 3,000 acres of skiing.

From the top of the Cirque lift, he took the traverse past the Cirque Headwall to the Hanging Valley Wall, where he encountered his first real challenge in two days.

After successfully maneuvering through the double-black-diamond Headwall, Roger wound his way into the Hanging Valley Glades, where he caught a few face shots in the pow pow.

Then the challenge ended. Our intrepid hero then caught the bottom of Sandy Park, one of the blue squares that descend Elk Camp. Next came Turkey Trot which, quite flatly, winds into the Two Creeks area.

At Two Creeks, Roger hangs a skier’s left onto Adams’ Avenue, a blue square that takes him across the Alpine Springs section and ends next to Kids Camp near the bottom of Fanny Hill.

Not sure that he’s skied the longest run on Snowmass, and not really caring at this point, Roger rides three lifts to Sam’s Knob and takes a run down Powderhorn, which, long ago, was the longest run at what was then a much smaller Snowmass.

Disclaimer: All the characters in The Longest Run are fictional, or should be. Any resemblance to actual, living human beings should be taken in good humor. Apologies ” and good luck to you ” in advance to those who don’t have a sense of humor.

Promise: This ends the series, The Longest Run.


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