The war is more local than you think |

The war is more local than you think

Dear Editor:”City Councilman Dwayne Romero would prefer to focus on local issues right now,” (noon update,, July 26). This is how Dwayne reacted about Aspen taking a vote to see if Bush and Cheney should be impeached as Telluride City Council did. In reality it is a local issue when it comes down to how much money our communities are contributing.If you go to they have a very conservative estimate of the current Iraq war costs in dollars, equaling $446 billion. If you refine the search you will find that Colorado has spent close to $7 billion. Towns like Glenwood Springs have contributed $11,428,00, Rifle has contributed $9,747,000 and New Castle is coming in at $3,669,000. All of these are conservative estimates. If you include Afghanistan the cost is $700 billion with no end in sight.The uniqueness of this website allows you to see what could be done with this money in your community if it were used for public housing, public education, preschools, kids’ health and college scholarships, just to name a few areas. The war alone is only a small reason for impeaching this administration. The lack of care for the thousands of veterans, the erosion of almost all social programs, the gutting of environmental protection laws, the flagrant disregard for our Constitution are only a few other reasons. I feel a special statewide vote would be more appropriate, don’t you? Please call your congressman.Brad LarsonBasalt


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