The waiting games |

The waiting games

Dear Editor:I would like to second the letter sent in by Kyle Storm titled “RFTA needs sponsors” (Jan. 30).After attending the X Games last year I was full of anticipation to get back this year, however, that anticipation quickly wore out when I realized that it had become a waiting game. I had to wait for a bus everywhere I went unless I was leaving the actual site of the games in the middle of a competition. While I was able to stay with a friend in Aspen last year (thank you, Brian!), this year I got a hotel room with a few friends in Basalt, which also caused more waiting. Like Mr. Storm, I also wish I would’ve driven to Aspen versus relying on the bus. I was hoping that since Aspen had hosted the X Games multiple years in a row that the city would’ve had the bus situation squared away. This was not the case.We had been warned about crowded buses from friends who had to deal with it themselves the previous year and decided to leave for Basalt relatively early, around 11:30 p.m. After waiting patiently for three buses to come and go, each one causing the waiting crowd to get more and more pushy, my friends and I were finally able to stuff ourselves onto a bus an hour and a half later.If a fare of $3 each way is going to be charged next year, there had best be adequate buses to accommodate the crowds. I, along with many of my friends, are considering not coming to Aspen next year and just watching the X Games in the comfort of our noncrowded homes in Denver. If we do attend them live and we need to rely on the buses, I hope that for the safety and sanity of everyone involved more buses will be brought in for transporting passengers around the valley.Jessica SchillingDenver