The voters have spoken |

The voters have spoken

Dear Editor:In his petition drive, Jeffrey Evans persistently refers to a 1990 vote authorizing a four-lane, unrestricted Entrance to Aspen over the Marolt park and open space. He conveniently forgets about the election just four years earlier, in 1986, when the voters rejected a four-lane solution over the Marolt. He also disregards the several votes since 1990 when the voters have similarly spoken against four lanes through the open space.If, as seems the case, his position is that there could be no vote after the one he won in 1990, then why wouldn’t it have been equally true that there could have been no vote at all after the one he lost in 1986?If his position is that the last vote taken should be the one that counts, he should be reminded that the last vote, in 2002, supported the preference of both city and county voters for an entrance on the existing alignment, not through the Marolt as his petition would have it.Helen PalmerAspen