The voters can handle it |

The voters can handle it

Dear Editor:

ACRA’s carping about the City Council’s decision putting the 1A Project to a public vote (“Lift One decision draws ire of ACRA,” Jan. 28) was disappointing. Yes, it is true that many volunteers worked hard to come up with a plan. But the COWOP task force was neither representative of nor elected by the citizens of Aspen.

The task force was self-nominated. It was then selected from among the nominees by the Council to “provide input.” Most of the 26-person task force consisted of stake holders such as Georgia Hansen, representing the Historical Society; Mark Cole representing AVSC; Dave Bellack of the Skico, Galen Bright representing South Point Condos, and of course Bob Daniel and John Sarpa representing the developers.

One member of ACRA was reported to have said, “… (the mayor) doesn’t stand for the ideals of the business community, and it makes me angry.” Well, it would make me furious if he did! He’s not supposed to; he is, I believe, supposed to stand for the ideals of our ALL our citizens!

The well meaning, hard-working task force was poorly served by those who repeatedly told it that anything that might trigger a public vote must be avoided. They were also poorly served by those who encouraged them to lobby for their final product; that was not their brief. Small wonder that many felt disappointed ” indeed, betrayed by the elected City Council’s decision. But they shouldn’t; they came up with a credible project.

It’s unfortunate so many speakers at council’s final hearing on the 1A Project exhibited little trust in the democratic process that will now decide the fate of the Master Plan. It sounds like the response of Enron’s management when they were questioned by the press just before Enron imploded: “It’s so complicated, you couldn’t possibly understand it.”

Nonsense! Let the voters decide!

Alex Biel


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