The voter will strike back |

The voter will strike back

Dear Editor:

I love the way the political ads portray Michael Bennet as his own man. But if we take a quick look at his story, it is very obvious that he is a puppet.

First, he was appointed to office and the Democratic Party wouldn’t in a million years appoint someone they couldn’t control. They were very careful to bring in a loyal party man. Someone who wouldn’t go off the reservation. And he has proved it with a 97 percent voting record.

Another proof is all the millions the Democratic National Committee are pouring into his campaign. They take care of great puppets like him. They hire private investigators to tear into his opponent’s history. They need to make the opponent look like Hitler’s brother because Bennet can’t run on his record. The DNC has absolute control of the situation.

On the other hand the Republican National Committee can’t control their party. The people have voted out some of the RINO’s in the primaries. They are sending their contributions directly to the candidate, bypassing the RNC. The people are speaking loud and clear.

The mainstream media is also missing the story of what is going on. Mostly because they have to. They have to follow the party line or risk being fired like Juan Williams just got fired. Soros is spending millions to shut down Fox News and talk radio, but at this point he is helping it grow.

The Tea Party is being portrayed as a bunch of freaks, but really it is just a bunch of people from all walks of life who can see that the government has gotten out of control. The press is just making them mad by portraying them as kooks.

The government is spending like a wayward spouse with a credit card and now the other spouse has gotten the bill. The other spouse is the voter, so we shall see how mad the voter has gotten very soon.

John Eaton


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