The ‘vilest form of racism’ |

The ‘vilest form of racism’

Dear Editor:

Perhaps the reason Israel sponsored field hospitals in Haiti is because they feel compelled to improve their image in the eyes of the world after last year’s revelations of war crimes, human rights abuse and continued illegal building in occupied Palestine.

You see, Israel is far from being the “diverse and vibrant bastion of democracy” claimed by one of its local supporters. In Israeli-occupied Palestine, a system of apartheid is utilized to keep both Christian and Muslim Arabs separate from the Jewish population.

In fact, Israel’s declared goal is to create a homogeneous Jewish state. To that end they employ the most sinister means of ethnic cleansing: intimidation, imprisonment, starvation, eviction, denying access to jobs, farms, medical care, food and clean water.

Jewish settlers create disease in the Palestinian population by dumping untreated sewage into their water supply. The injured and ill die and women give birth in the dirt at military barriers because they’re not allowed to cross Israeli-controlled territory to reach the hospital. Israeli military operations resulting in multiple civilian deaths are conducted to further reduce the Arab population.

As final proof of their intent to eliminate Arabs, Israel sends medical help to people thousands of miles away, while actively preventing humanitarian aid from reaching people right next door.

Israel’s brutal all-out attack on the people of Gaza a year ago resulted in the same proportion of devastation as the Haitian earthquake. But for an entire year, Israel has blocked the entry of significant amounts of food, medicine, fuel, and construction materials as well as access by aid workers into Gaza. Imagine if that had happened in Haiti.

The implication in our local Israel supporters’ uneven concern for the needs of Palestinians versus Haitians, is that Arabs deserve to be denied humanitarian aid because they belong to the same ethnic group or religion as “terrorists.”

This is the vilest form of racism. Palestinian children are just as innocent and needy as Haitian children, and deserve to be treated with equal compassion. But the supposedly “soul-inspiring” nation of Israel is directly responsible for the death, dismemberment, disease, and orphaning of thousands of these children.

The fallacy of Israel’s alleged noble ideals is finally exposed in light of their hypocrisy in providing aid to Haiti, while the Palestinians (whom Israel as the foreign occupier is charged to care for under humanitarian law), are routinely denied their most basic needs.

Sue Gray


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