The verge of extinction |

The verge of extinction

Dear Editor:

I sense To Mega Therion.

I feel it in the air.

I feel a movement to rub out all evidence of a time in Aspen when locals let their collective hair down in comfort and humble joy.

I sense a movement toward slick, polished granite, aluminum, glass and slate – cold, hard and bloodless.

I sense an energy to turn every inch of Aspen into an edifice of egoic lust, where the streets are not to be kissed and thanked for Mother Earth beneath them but to be marketed, sucked dry and sold again and again.

If someone needs the community to help, bless or fund their plans, then the community gets a say.

And I say we have plenty of commercialism, stone, glass and luxury.

We don’t have enough humble honesty and fellowship.

Have we To Mega Therion in our midst?

Paul MacFarlane