The valley’s people problem |

The valley’s people problem

(This letter was originally addressed to Steven Williams, author of a letter published on Aug. 6.)Dear Editor:Simply because I am from Carbondale doesn’t mean that I have a huge problem with the town of Aspen. Perhaps your paranoia has caught up with you. I currently live in Woody Creek and grew up in both Carbondale and El Jebel, so don’t use my Carbondale residency as an excuse for my unhappiness with the way Aspen treats bears.Sure, I don’t really like Aspen because it represents the corruption, evils and lack of empathy of our nation, but who’s judging? My letter was directed towards Aspenites because they complain about our valley’s bear “problem” more than Glenwood or any other town. This whole valley has a people problem resulting in a bear problem, not just you. I am aware that all humans, all over the world, not just Aspenites have destroyed the environment, all I am saying is stop being a hypocrite about it.I acknowledge that my house is on land that truly belongs to the wildlife and that’s why I don’t get mad when deer eat my garden or raccoons rifle through my trash. That’s the difference between you and I. When you learn to properly employ an analogy that holds some sort of relevancy and can actually be labeled as an analogy, then we can have a debate. The thing about stereotypes in Aspen is, well, usually they’re true … and that’s just too bad.Jade MossCarbondale