The untold story |

The untold story

Dear Editor:

I understand the media’s obsession with Lance Armstrong; after all, he is one of the greatest pro riders of all time, regardless of the current doping controversy. And he’s a part-time local. However, I believe our local media blew a great opportunity to profile a very talented up-and-coming, full-time local athlete after Saturday’s Power of Four mountain-bike race.

I do not personally know Keegan Swirbu, but he does live in my neighborhood. I see this young man training constantly with a great deal of determination. My husband and I have often commented that someday his hard work and dedication would pay off.

I have no doubt that Saturday’s win was just the beginning of a successful career for this young man. Talk about some serious bragging rights: How many 16-year-olds can say they beat Lance Armstrong in a bike race? What an incredible accomplishment!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it would be nice to see The Aspen Times do a feature story on Keegan. After all, he is an inspiration to many and I believe he will someday be an accomplished world-class athlete from our own valley.

Mimi Trombatore


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