The tyranny of taxes |

The tyranny of taxes

Dear Editor:

Before you sign your 1040, here are some laws your accountant probably failed to mention.

All forms that require a citizen to comply with must be registered in the Federal Register. There are two 1040s published in the Federal Register. First is 1040 NR (nonresident alien). An examination of form 83 (standard submission form) reveals the following. For 1040 NR line 5 “legal authority for information collected” we find cited 26 USC 6011, 6012. (Nonresident aliens are compelled to file, as they are not protected by the Constitution.) However, for form 1040 there is an entirely different form (83-1). 83-1 does not require legal authority (there is none). Instead, there is only a certification “on behalf of this Federal Agency, to certify that the collection of information by this request complies with 5 CFR 1320.9.” Which is explicitly reserved for “proposed” government forms. The related provisions provide notice to the potential persons to whom the collection of information is addressed.

In short, form 1040 is authorized only for proposed use, and therefore you are not compelled to file one. Meanwhile, the government insists filing is based on “voluntary compliance” and this is yet another example of the pattern of deception found everywhere in the conspiracy to steal your money and oppress this nation.

On January 25, 2005, the U.S. Court of Appeals (Schulz v. IRS) held that taxpayers cannot be compelled to turn over property to the IRS without a federal court order. The ruling nullified provisions of the IRC stripping an “overreaching” IRS of much of its power to compel compliance with demands for property. The court also described IRS summonses as mere “requests.”

That is the law. Meanwhile, the IRS simply ignores it as they ignore countless other laws. In violation of the above and numerous code sections they assessed me for over $11 million for taxes they claim I owed for 2002 and then without a single legal document stole my entire life savings.

Democracy must take root at the most fundamental level, or not at all. Because our government utterly disregards the law while performing its initial task, collecting taxes, rampant corruption has blossomed in the fertile ground and oppression rules in the “land of the free.”

Hopefully, help is on the way, just in time, to save my ass, along with yours and your child’s. As if by grace, the silver screen may turn the tide. Aaron Russo, producer and director of “Trading Places” and “The Rose,” has told this dismal tale, and America will be given yet another chance to see the light and save herself. His film will debut at the Cannes Film Festival next month. Titled “America … From Freedom to Fascism,” it is about income tax and it confirms the tyranny I have been documenting for the past seven years.

Suddenly, world media and Internet sites everywhere will proclaim the frightening truth. America, the home of democracy, does not possess what it purports to bestow.

For a concise, documented brief, go to

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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