The truth is out, my work is done |

The truth is out, my work is done

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

By now it should be clear to everyone that “Operation Iraqi Freedom” will never succeed as long as the U.S. and British military occupation continues. The Iraqis are proud, strong and determined, much like Americans. They will fight as hard for their independence as our forefathers did for ours. The good news is that someday the Iraqis will be free and in control of their own resources. The bad news is as long as our soldiers remain in Iraq, there will be more shocking videos and more savage senseless deaths.

We train our soldiers to dehumanize the enemy so their conscience won’t interfere with their ability to kill. Then we expect them to retain their conscience while acting as prison guards over the “inhuman” enemy. War has terrible consequences far beyond mere battle. It fuels hatred, abuse and revenge. This is what I’ve been saying all along. War is ugly.

When I began my letter writing campaign in September 2002, it was because I felt the American public was being misinformed and misled. I believed that if Americans understood the consequences, they would not support the invasion of Iraq, and public opinion would prevent the Bush administration from carrying out their hideous scheme of war profiteering.

By filling the void left by the media’s unwillingness to expose government corruption and address the human cost of war, I became the target of public ridicule. Regardless of attacks on my character and numerous pleas from opponents, friends and family to just shut up, I was committed to bringing truth and reason into a world of lies and madness.

My accusations against the Bush administration have now been confirmed by numerous high-office revelations of White House deceptions. My warnings about the brutality of war have been justified by videos from both sides showing disgraceful acts and hideous savagery. The truth is finally being revealed in mainstream media and there are many other community members writing informative letters, so this will be my last letter concerning Iraq and the Bush administration.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me, and also to my opponents, who helped further my campaign to inform our community by participating in the public discussion. Special thanks to Jay Pate, who inspired many more letters than I would have otherwise written. Aside from his harsh criticism of my naivete and idealism, I’ve enjoyed the debate. I believe our disagreements are only a result of different perspectives.

From my perspective, there are better ways of resolving conflict than resorting to violence. Jesus taught it, Gandhi proved it, Martin Luther King Jr. employed it, and many others have worked in nonviolent ways to affect societal and political change.

Violence can never defeat terrorism, it only changes the players. The way to combat terrorism is by making government policy changes that remove the incentives for terrorists to act against us. It is up to us common folk to hold the power elite accountable for their actions, the consequences of which affect us all.


Sue Gray


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