The truth about Ruth |

The truth about Ruth

Editor’s note: Today, along with The Aspen Times endorsements, we’re running letters from candidates in the Aspen mayoral races. On Saturday, we’ll publish letters from the City Council candidates.Dear Editor:People say that I am not being effective in getting my message across. Well, this is the truth of Ruth: You will find no yard signs with my name because I walk the walk. I am running a noninvasive and environmentally friendly campaign. Hopefully I am able to get the word out about whom I am by having many opportunities to see me in person. I have a real job and must work to pay my bills, so I will not be able to knock on every door in town. Please accept my apology and know that it is not because I am uninterested. Living in affordable housing, much like many of you, I am still able to survive even in the downturn due to my prudent spending habits, and strong credibility and reputation in the commercial real estate world. I am optimistic about the future because I am a forward thinker and have created new and unusual ways to tap into a different economic environment and understand the language of the new world. I am one who pays attention, completes my homework and is able to follow through. I hope you will find ways to discover who I am as I will be an honest and diligent leader of the community with your best interests at heart. I have no agenda! My intentions are to help move the community from an environment of lawsuits to one of quiet enjoyment where we can all be proud of the decisions coming from City Hall. My motivations are to frame an environment where leadership by example leads to pride of community and governmental projects that are well thought out and not only financially feasible but environmentally sound. Please consider whether you want a new creative thinker or more of the same. Whether you are truly proud of what has transpired in the last four years or whether you would like to see responsible movement toward HOA sustainability and quality workforce housing or talk, talk, and more talk! I don’t know about you but I am tired of speeches and lectures that drone on so that you don’t even hear them. I believe Aspen is in need of decisive, effective, thoughtful leadership and more action and less talk! I promise I will learn to talk the talk.PS: I am not a developer nor do I make my living from them. The closest I have ever come was from the original sale of the Motherlode when Howard and Gordon to retired. The building was subsequently resold and developed. I was on P&Z for over five years and only occasionally had to recuse myself. I was a very effective member of that board by all accounts. I have a humble little office at 400 E. Hyman Ave. down by Parallel 15, Misstyx and Curious George across from the Wheeler. Please stop by and say hi! Ruth Kruger Aspen

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