The true source of freedom |

The true source of freedom

Dear Editor:These days nothing jerks my chain more than statements like these: “As Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, we need to remember that the freedoms we enjoy were purchased with the service and sacrifice of our men and women in the military. Our men and women in uniform are today again defending these freedoms” (The Aspen Times letters to the editor, July 1). How dare an American citizen devalue, dishonor and disgrace our soldiers with lies like these! And even more disgusting coming from a Vietnam vet who, of anyone, should know better.First, American freedom from rule by England was won by insurgents who were fighting against the British government’s intrusion into their lives and livelihoods. The experience of having been screwed over by King George was the reason for the establishment of the Bill of Rights guaranteeing Americans protection from abuse by the U.S. government. That is the true source of American freedom, which cannot be bombed out of existence by terrorists.And second, stating that American freedom is threatened by al-Qaida is purely ridiculous. Are they going to invade us, destroy our constitution, cover our women in burqas, and turn us into their niggers? Of course not!I will agree that our freedom is definitely in danger. It is rapidly being destroyed by our very own fascist regime. Now if our military were to attack Washington, D.C., and capture or kill the terrorists residing in the White House, they would be defending our freedom!Cheer our soldiers, yes, honor their sacrifice, yes, but don’t promote the lie that they are fighting for our freedom!Sue GrayCarbondale

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