The true meaning of Christmas |

The true meaning of Christmas

Dear Editor:

During this time of the winter solstice, it’s interesting to note the similarities between the ancient “sun god” religions and our religions of today.

Look up at the sky a few hours after sunset. Follow the three stars of Orion’s Belt (also known as the Three Kings) to the brightest star in the east (Sirius) and then down to the horizon. This is where the sun is rising during the solstice.

The sun has been moving southward for six months, but now its journey comes to an end, and for three days, the sun does not appear to move at all on the eastern horizon. Also at this time, the sun resides in the vicinity of the Southern Cross.

Thus the story was told, “The sun died on the Cross, was dead for three days and then resurrected as it once again begins its journey north.” However, this resurrection was not officially celebrated until the days became longer than the nights (end of March, our Easter). The virgin mother is the constellation Virgo (Latin for “virgin”), and the 12 disciples are the 12 constellations that “move around” with God’s sun.

Now despite these elaborate fables and mythology, here’s what’s really important about this time of year: The true meaning of Christmas is found in the moral teachings of Jesus, not in the myths and superstitions of the Bible.

Steve Saylor



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