The trail is not needed |

The trail is not needed

Dear Editor:I was glad to see that the eco-criminals from the city and county have for the moment been thwarted in their plans to start scraping and paving the Castle Creek Valley. Their resultant protestations about safety and saving the taxpayers money seem a bit empty. If they were so concerned about safety, why haven’t they done anything for the last 20 years?As for saving tax money, if they lowered the speed limit to 25 and built an ordinary sidewalk or footpath, they could save $1.5 million. No, these elected officials from the city and county are simply too arrogant and pig-headed to consult with and actually listen to the citizens and try to come up with a plan that would actually protect the environment, instead of the sort of cantilevered nightmare they built on Cemetery Lane that they plan for Castle Creek – fulfilling Mick’s wet dream of some sort of Aspenworld Urban Bike Park with no scary wild vegetation where dangerous animals might be hiding. Keep it at your house, Ireland – some of us like nature natural.Then there is the unreported subtext of rumored secret land deals and the 12-building industrial complex the Music Associates are planning for Aspen Country Day school site, which is no rumor. They will then want to widen the road and put in traffic lights. It is just as well we have the courts to act as a check on power-crazed politicians who think they were elected dictator.Richard GordonAspen