The tower of babble, radiation and rat tails |

The tower of babble, radiation and rat tails

Dear Editor:

Growth, growth, growth. It’s a shame. Incorporate enterprise, collegiate education, surgical expertise, language skill and so many endeavors to improve the human condition, the absence of moderation usually ends up with failure to succeed. At what level? Indiscernible. But to be sure, the breadth of human intelligence is incapable of predicting the outcome which in many cases harms at the most basic of human emotions ” an individual’s comfort level. The neuropsychological pain from tearing the leather in your Bentley and having an excessive heating bill are, when measured by PET scan, equal. If though one cannot have a full stomach, shelter, temperature control and nurturing at some level: The pain felt in the biochemical pathways of the central nervous system (when measured scientifically) is exponentially worse.

One human condition that often is intolerable is crowding. If one puts a couple of rats in a confined space there is harmony. When too many are present in that same space, tails start getting chewed.

In recent years, people who moved to the Basalt area did so for space and fewer “rats per cage.” Realtors likely never told clients of plans to expand next door at closing. With property values at stake, if as alleged and true, it is like the retail selling of unsafe ski bindings for an extra commission.

First there was Whole Foods with its need for increased housing, reports of traffic problems along Highway 82 already predicted and so much more to come. Only after the fact when it was brought to the attention of the public, a petition for growth signed by 32 residents outside the community (Whole Foods) with a minutia of signatures from the immediately affected geographic affected area was taken from a statistically insignificant sample size of only 500 (which in scientific literature would not be considered of value) is an example, and now: Six cell towers in the face of lucky home owners.

As in the Whole Foods issue, studies were commissioned by staff to assess child safety, traffic related hazards and impact on nature (particularly endangered and protected species inhabiting that area. That list is enormous and such studies have thwarted the building of shopping malls in Florida).

Perhaps the radiation from cellular phones and towers causes cancer. There are many, many reports. Living under high power lines causes an increased incidence of leukemia in children. How nice it will be to have cell coverage in Woody Creek when fly fishing.

I once saw a boarder in surfer like form bustling down the slope with a cell phone held to the ear in one hand and the other hand out stretched downhill. Perhaps someone was in labor.

Really, what could be so important? I guess the DOT , engineers and local officials (trying to understand the increase in reported traffic fatalities and crime (just observational from the paper) trying to figure out the mess, will need better communications. One of my best friends started a national Cellular company and now only makes towers. I do understand the profit motive.

The biblical story of the large tower also is a metaphor, but it did crumble, and, rats lost their tails and gridlock does cause “road rage”, upset homeowners face eyesores, possible cancer related health risks and loss of property value. These are effected at a level of basic biological need; that being comfort.

“Crumble” in my opinion is best saved for an apple desert.

Steve Lewis


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