The tone deaf left |

The tone deaf left

In a letter to the editor (“Gun control won’t stop massacres,” Aug. 11, I posed the question of how much individual liberty each of us is willing to forfeit in an effort, perhaps successful, perhaps not, to reduce deaths by firearm (most of which are suicides, by the way).

My friend Neil Siegel seems unable to read what I wrote (“Emmer should watch out what he wishes for,” Aug. 28, His vision is so darkened from years of immersion in the progressive muck that he thought he read an argument for the elimination of all firearm regulations. There was no argument, only a question. Is the left afraid to address serious questions?

This is the illness of the left. They cannot cope with fact. They cannot perceive what has been written, but must rewrite it in their prejudiced minds to fit their preconceived narrative.

Maurice Emmer