The Times front page, it is a changin’ |

The Times front page, it is a changin’

Today marks a big day for us here at The Aspen Times, as well as a big sigh of relief. An idea that has been rattling around in our brains for years has finally come to fruition.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the front page looks much different today. The redesign is the result of months of planning and hard work by a large number of people on our staff. We’re pleased with what we’ve achieved, and we hope our readers will be, as well.

Why the redesign? It’s not as if anyone in this business is bored and looking for extra work.

First and foremost, we wanted to make the page more effective for our readers. Though we reorganized the paper earlier this year and added an index to the front page, we have still heard from people that it’s difficult to negotiate the pages of The Aspen Times, especially when we produce large editions.

The teasers running down the left-hand side of the page, in addition to the index, are an attempt to let our readers know the highlights of what’s inside and where to find them. It will also allow us to let people know about special editions, what’s in The Aspen Times Weekly and any special features that are in the works.

Secondly, as with anything, we felt simply that it was time for a change, that our front page was becoming stale and somewhat dull. We wanted to create something that felt fresher, brighter and more fun. And we wanted to challenge ourselves to become more creative with our daily front-page designs.

We believe we have achieved that mission. The addition of new graphic elements brings more color to the page, and the change in the “news hole” should allow us to try some new things that our old layout didn’t allow.

As always, we welcome any and all comments about our paper. We’d really like to hear from readers what they like and dislike about the new design. Please call Editor Mike Hagan at 925-3414, with your comments and/or suggestions.

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