The tide is turning |

The tide is turning

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

I cannot recall the exact dates, but I do recall watching in a long moment of silence as the names of the World Trade Center deaths were scrolled over the screen of every TV in America.

Since George W. Bush decided to “go it alone” and start a war in Iraq after Rummy said there were more targets there than Afghanistan, I have not seen more than a handful of the names of the soldiers who have been killed. I really do not care to see the names, it is not necessary, and it would make it much more difficult to understand.

The current administration is even asking the families of the soldiers not to talk about it, especially on television, where we continue to be given only the “need to know news.” Though the tide may be turning, as the journalists and media are asking more detailed questions about the war and why, but the answers are always the same. We don’t have new answers, because we don’t have a plan!

The tide is turning! The coalition forces are now starting to back out of Iraq, and George Bush is condemning them, but he continues to beg for assistance from other sources.

The word on the street is there is discussion about reinstating the draft after the November elections. Good luck, Georgie Boy!

Do you remember those countries who declined to support the U.S. at the beginning of the war? Well, they are currently enjoying what we are losing: Democracy! This administration is good at showing power, but not very good at staying in power, and will be remembered for the worst foreign policy decision ever made.

From Iraq, under the dark of night, the cargo planes arrive every evening at the Dover Air Base in Delaware. I think you know what is in these planes. I think the neighbors know what is inside these planes. I am sure the families know what is inside these planes. The time for a change is now!

This administration is not about the economy, health care, taxes, education, the environment or whatever inspires the same old political debates prior to November! These issues mean nothing to me right now. I’m more concerned about life and death! Support our troops, send George Bush home!

Jeff Heidemann

El JebelEl Jebel